Consolidatation - Combining Incoming Purchases

9.Shipment Statuses

During its time at our warehouse,

your shipment box can have the following statuses:

"New Box"

  • This

    status means that you have added orders to your new shipment and saved them in

    your account. At this time you can add/remove purchases, change the shipment

    method and address, and add packing options.


  • This

    status means that you have created a new shipment and the warehouse has received

    your instructions. At this stage you are still able to make adjustments.


  • The

    warehouse has begun consolidating your orders. Your purchases will be

    collected, packed, and then registered as one large shipment. During this

    stage, you can NOT make any changes or cancel your shipment. You can, however,

    purchase insurance.

"On Hold"

  • This

    status indicates that there may be a problem with your shipment. We will send

    you a message if you have prohibited goods, some of the items arrived

    broken/spilled, or you need to change the service due to size/weight limits.


  • Your shipment has been packed and registered. At this stage you can double check that all the information

    (shipment address and weight) is correct. You can also see if some of your

    orders did not fit due to limits. We are waiting for you to click "Ship".

"Payment Required"

  • If you pressed "Pack and Ship"

    but do not have enough funds in your account, you will see this status. Just

    add the needed amount to your account and press "Ship".


  • Your box is packed, registered, and paid for. This status means that your shipment is ready to be sent out in

    the next batch and we are preparing the needed documents.


  • Your box has been transferred to the postal

    office and is on its way to you! Congratulations! You will receive a tracking number within 24 hours.