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How to measure height

To measure height, place one end of the measuring tape to the tip of the head, and the other down to the floor. It’s important not to wear shoes! Make sure that you are holding the measuring tape straight and vertical, to the extent that is possible. Otherwise, measure next to the wall.


How to measure bust

Measure your bust at the fullest part. The measuring tape has to be parallel to the floor, and fit snugly around the body but without pulling. The circumference below the breast (for women): measure under the breasts, passing the tape under the arms at the widest part.


How to measure waist

Keeping the tape parallel to the floor, measure the narrowest part of the torso. For bigger sizes, you can place your arms so that the pinkies are on the most protruding part of the hipbone in the front, with all your fingers spread out. The place where your index fingers rest is about where the waist is.


How to measure hips

The measurement should be taken around the widest points of the hips and buttocks. The measuring tape should fit snugly but without pulling.


How to measure the inseam

The inseam is the length between the top inner part of the hip to the lower part of the ankle. The best way to take this measurement is from a pair of pants that fit you really well.


How to measure the sleeve

Before you begin measuring, stand still with your arms at your sides. Hold your arms slightly bent, with your fingers tucked into your front pockets. Have someone measure the distance from the center back of your neck across your shoulder to the elbow and down to the wrist.


How to measure feet

Place your foot on a flat surface with your heel against a straight edge . Place a ruler along your foot on the flat surface touching the straight edge your heel is also touching. Take the length in millimetres from the tip of your big toe to your heel that is touching the flat edge.








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