Consolidatation - Combining Incoming Purchases

11.Why my package is not being Packed/Shipped?

There could be a number of things that are preventing your package from shipping. You can check the following to find out what is causing the delay:

  • Check if you clicked the "Pack" or "Pack and Ship" button.
  • Once you create an outgoing box, its status will be "Created", and when the consolidation starts, the status will change to "Consolidating".
  • Please bear in mind that our warehouse is closed on weekends, so if you have ordered the consolidation on Friday, most likely your package will be packed and shipped on Monday or Tuesday (US Eastern time).
  • Check whether all the orders assigned to the consolidation have been delivered to the warehouse and their status is "Arrived". If not, we will have to wait for all the orders to arrive.
  • Please check whether there are enough funds in your account. We can perform the consolidation, but we cannot ship the package until we receive the payment.

Please email us at in case you have a question that is not covered here (don't forget to put your suite number).