Extra Services

7.File a claim for lost USPS shipment

In the rare and unfortunate event that you do not receive your shipment in the allotted time frame, and the tracking information has not been updated for some time, we (as the sender) are able to file a claim on your behalf.

To request this service, please email us at help@shopfans.com with the subject "File a USPS claim"

Cost - $8 per phone call

*You can file a claim BEFORE the shipment is imported into the destination country. Please provide us with the following information:

  1. Tracking number

  2. Recipient's full name

  3. Recipient's full address (including zip code)

  4. Recipient's telephone number

  5. List of goods and quantity of goods (you may generalize)

  6. The value of all goods

  7. The delivery price (please do NOT include the warehouse services!!)

  8. Shipment weight

  9. Date of dispatch

For more information, please rrefer to the USPS site: https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm

*The phone call and/or claim does not guarantee that your shipment will be found, but usually USPS just needs a little push to get your package to you.