Extra Services

4.Return a purchase/part of a purchase

*Returns are available only for UNconsolidated purchases.

To request this service, please email us at help@shopfans.com with the subject "Return/Partial Return" and the purchase number (or tracking number).

  1. Please check the store policy on returns.

  •  If the store offers a prepaid shipping label, - $8

A prepaid shipping label can be found in the original order, in your store account, or must be requested from the seller. Please attach the label as a .jpg, .doc, or .pdf in your email

  • If we need to create a shipping label - $10 + UPS Ground shipping (starting from $15 and depending on weight and destination)

   2. Please send us the store's return address.

** If you are receiving a shipping label from Amazon, please choose "UPS Dropoff", NOT "UPS pickup"

For partial returns (this also applies if you need to combine 2 or more purchases into 1) there is an additional fee based on the weight of the purchase:

  • 1 – 10 lbs - $3
  • 11 – 20 lbs - $5
  • 21 – 30 lbs - $10
  • 31 + lbs - $15

So, if you need to return 2 items from a purchase that weighs 10 pounds, the return price will be $10+$3+UPS Ground shipping (about $15).

IMPORTANT! If the return is not paid for in 7 days (one week), we will be forced to VOID the shipment and donate the items to charity.