Extra Services


To request this service, please email us at help@shopfans.com with the subject "Deconsolidation" and the shipment number.

This service is mainly required for clients who changed their mind after packing a shipment and want to add more purchases.

  • Deconsolidating a shipment with one order - $5 regardless of the weight of the package
  • Deconsolidating a shipment with multiple orders – the cost of services is the sum of processing all purchases based on weight ($3 for packages under 1.3kg = 3lbs, $5 for packages over 1.3kg = 3lbs)

*The shipment will NOT be divided back into its original purchases, but will be reflected in your account as ONE new incoming purchase.

IMPORTANT! The declaration for the deconsolidated shipment will be deleted and you will have to fill it out again. The cost of services is not covered by our discounts on processing purchases.