Customs and Duties

5.How do I fill out the Customs Declaration?

IMPORTANT! The sum of all items in the Declaration form should not exceed $2500 (this is a maximum amount of one consolidated box to be shipped out of the United States).

This is our recommendation for filing out a Declaration form:

  • Any information you include in the declaration form should always be in English.
  • You need to only include items' description (jeans, t-shirt, etc.)
  • Don't include detailed information about items (for example: color, canvas, size, etc.)
  • If you bought several similar items from the same/ or different store, then you should group them into one section.

For Example: you have one yellow umbrella ($10) from store A, one green umbrella ($15) from store B, and one grey umbrella ($20) from store C.

So it would look like this on the Declarations form –

Item: Umbrella, Quantity: 3, Price: $45

  • Please try not to ship more than 5 identical items in one box.

If you have 10 identical t-shirts, don't fill in as "T-shirt – Quantity: 10", it's is better to split it into 2 or 3 sections - "T-shirt – Quantity: 5" and "Top – Quantity: 5"

  • All prices should be in US dollars