Most Frequently Asked

1.Why use Shopfans? Our advantages!

Imagine you're browsing online and stumble on a really great dress, or the latest cool gadget. You pick it out, get out your credit card, and click "buy." And that's when you realize that the store is in the U.S. and doesn't accept cards from Australia. You want to apply for an international card, but you need a U.S. address.

Shopfans offers you not just one, but two different addresses in the United States. These are secure warehouses that you can send your orders to - one in Pennsylvania and one in Delaware. Why two?

When you buy from a U.S. store you are paying for the goods, sales tax (in some states), and for international delivery which can be very costly if you add it up.

Shopfans offers you the chance to order from many different stores and consolidate them all into one package to significantly cut those delivery costs. It is much cheaper to send one large, heavy package, than many small, light ones.

In Pennsylvania, there is NO sales tax on clothing and shoes

In Delaware, there is NO sales tax on accessories, toys, books, or electronics.